Mathias Grassow has got some very dedicated fans. As live concerts are rare and many professional concert organizers shy away from the commercial investments to stage ambient or even drone related events, it are often the fans themselves who need to step up if they want to see and hear their favourite artists in person. In late 2014 Mathias Grassow was invited by such a dedicated fan to Moscow for a live event. The Russian music blog [url=]Pied Paper[/url] took the chance to conduct an [url=]in depth interview with Mathias[/url].

You can also read the interview in below article.


The blog Pied Paper describes itself as a "music blog about drone, ambient, ritual, new age and any other kinds of unusual music. It also may be any other style or genre, though." and the main language may be Russian, but ofthen they also offer an English translation.
You can also read the interview below.
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