Grassow is known as the king of the ambient drone.
Jim Brenholts,

Mathias Grassow - Drones Ambient Music

Perhaps my drones are ‘cosmic downloads’ that contain a certain message – but even if so: if perceived by our ears only, this message does not have the power to change our DNA and open up the way to more profound experiences of our inner self. Such music can, at best, give us a vague idea about who we are, and where our home is. I have the firm believe that if we manage to perceive music on more channels than just our ears – which are governed by our brain with all it’s judgements and categorisations – this will enable us to perceive it on a level which still is beyond our imagination, an expanded perception that might include the relativity of space and time, and the simultaneity of past, present, future, and more …

Latest releases

(2023) Gazing into transience

We are proud of our first joint work "Gazing into transience". - originated from 3 sessions in winter/spring 2023.
This one here is a first Part of these extended sessions - more will follow at irregular intervals
Marcel Trettin is a gifted guitarist with classical training, who comes more from the metal field (Bands DEADWOOD & APSIS) and brings his profound knowledge to life here.
Initially more ambient, both artists will also be willing to create more experimental works in the future; maybe there will even be a real "band"; even a "metal-heavy" sound is discussed. It remains exciting and you will hear more from us !

Many thanks to our families & friends for patience & support.

Special thanks to Cornelia Kern for cover image & layout.

Album mixed and mastered by Marcel Trettin in january 2024.

(2023) A l'​é​coute des étoiles et des vents solaires

This album is a supplement to its predecessor "Heartbeat of the earth" - practically a compilation of the 7 tracks with new elements.
It's not just about looking at the stars, but also about listening to the noise, similar to the white noise on our planet.
But enough of the "instructions": ...... If you have ears, then LISTEN ...... This work is also a philosophical approach to the infinity of the universe.

Many thanks to Cornelia Kern for cover-image and layout.
Many thanks to Marcel Trettin for processed E-guitar drones inside the noize ;-)......

Note : The title of the album is a reference to the seminal 1982 album by DAVID HYKES & THE HARMONIC CHOIR.

(2023) Heartbeat of the earth

The energetic effects of the increasing solar storms encounter a currently unstable geomagnetic field and manifest themselves, among other things, in the "red auroras" that could also be seen far below the Arctic Circle in Central Europe......This could be another sign of an imminent pole shift.
The red auroras and light columns generally indicate strong anomalies in the atmosphere.
The effects of this cannot yet be estimated and need not cause fear - but they are a cause for concern and should continue to be observed and scientifically analysed.

This album is a musical approach to this topic.

Many thanks to Cornelia Kern for cover image, layout & support.
Thanks to Marcel Trettin for processed electric guitar participation in some tracks.
Soon another full-time-album of both artists will be published.

(2023) Live at "10th Spectaculare Festival" Prague 14th april 2023

Here is the real and largely unedited LIVE recording of the concert in Prague on April 14, 2023, taken directly from the CAMP venue.
The invitation to the 10th SPECTACULARE FESTIVAL in Prague was a special event and honor to perform there. 100 minutes with works from the recent albums NEGRA, SIDDHARTHA, INTERSTELLAR AMBIENCE and CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

Special thanks to JOSEF SEDLON who made this festival possible in the first place, to JAN HONEISER and the entire CAMP / PALAC AKROPOLIS team, to JAN HLADIL who contributed the breathtaking visual effects and to the loving care of the catering etc.
Thanks to my wife Cornelia Kern for mental support and much more. Cover image and layout by C.K.

From several recording options of the concert, we selected the "hall microphones" so that the highest degree of authenticity of the live feeling is preserved !


Here we are following a long-cherished wish to set the magical Untersberg to music, which has a dark and a light side. We start here with one of a few dark sides and internalize the white noise of the mountain streams first of all .....
With relatively spontaneous support from the very talented
HEAVENLY HERMIT, a sound work worthy of the mountain spirit was created here.
This album does not want to entertain, nor to ensnare and please. It was born out of a deep feeling for the Untersberg, the most magical mountain in Europe with its many legends and stories.
The journey continues .....

One basis here in the first part is white noise from SOMA QUANTUM OCEAN, garnished with deep throat singing, shaman instruments and various synths and electronic equipment - basically a 140 minute journey in one long piece, divided into 13 parts.

Thanks to nature, which practically reproduces all frequency spectra with the sound of water. Here as a "canned" with the same effect - headphones recommended !

Please don't listen while driving !

Thanks to Evgeny Vladimirovich for his participation on this album.
Thanks to Marcel Trettin for mastering this album.
Thanks to Cornelia Kern for cover image and layout.

My very special thanks go to Mr. RAINER LIMPÖCK, the founder of the Alpine Shamanic Network, for his suggestions, guided tours and his deep knowledge of the mountain and the many stories around this place of power :

(2023) Siddhartha

Over three hours best ambient in different styles and characteristics.
Special price for an unlimited time : only 9.99 EUR !

This album is dedicated to the buddhist four noble truths and the noble eightfold path to self-knowledge and ending suffering on earth. An exciting psychologically sophisticated vehicle for achieving inner peace.
Buddhism serves here as a template for a "non-theistic" model of depth psychology that has proven itself over many centuries.
The fixation and throwing back on one's own effort in the direction of "becoming-the-you-are" goes beyond mere beliefs, reflects and accompanies the seeker from darkness and blackness (->NEGRA) into the light of being..........

For more detailed information on the buddhist teachings of the four noble truths that form the backbone of Buddhism, as well as information about the eightfold path, we ask you to consult the Internet.

This modest musical adaptation of buddhist teachings is only a non-binding excerpt here and matured over years. So SIDDHARTHA is a tribute to this path, as well as to the wonderful book of the great HERMANN HESSE.

Cover image and layout by CORNELIA KERN, many thanks !

Like NEGRA, this album was realized mainly on SOMA devices. The "drifting memory station" COSMOS & LYRA-8 were used significantly.

Mathias Grassow - Live concert Prague 14.04.2023

MATHIAS GRASSOW /DE + AROVANE /DE + live visuals Jan Hladil
20:00, CAMP
Do CAMPu dorazí v dubnu dvojice světově uznávaných představitelů ambientu a IDM Mathias Grassow a Arovane.

Dvojkoncert německých hudebních producentů doplněný o sugestivní velkoplošné vizualizace Jana Hladila zároveň uzavře hlavní hudební část 10. ročníku festivalu Spectaculare.

Hudební mystik a klasik drone music Mathias Grassow začínal s kytarou a bicími v rockových kapelách, ale pak na přelomu sedmé a osmé dekády objevil syntezátory a s nimi točil experimentální elektroniku na pomezí německého kosmického rocku a new age. Zásadní vliv na vývoj jeho tvorby pak měl i legendární německý hudebník a hráč na tibetské mísy, již zesnulý Klaus Wiese. Od konce osmdesátek se soustředí na držené tóny, které mají podle něj potenciál měnit naše vnímání světa. Mluví o nich jako o „kosmických downloadech“ a v rozhovorech vysvětluje: „Kdybychom dokázali poslouchat hudbu i jinak než jen ušima, dostali bychom možnost percepce hudby, která jde za naši současnou představivost, rozšířené vnímání, které by obsáhlo relativitu místa a času, simultánnost minulosti, současnosti a budoucnosti.“ Grassow je dlouhodobě fascinovaný buddhismem a súfismem odkud se dostal až ke křesťanským mystikům. Vydal kolem čtyřech stovek alb, na nichž prozkoumává spirituální sílu hudby.

Berlínský hudebník Uwe Zahn vydávající hudbu pod jménem Arovane patří mezi stálice inteligentní taneční hudby. V dětství hrál na klarinet, později jako teenager dekonstruoval hiphopové beaty na gramofonech, aby se na konci osmdesátých let začal naplno věnovat elektronické hudbě. Patřil do kolektivu S.A.M. věnujícímu se improvizaci, svůj vlastní osobitý zvuk vydestiloval na deskách jako Atol Scrap z roku 1999 nebo o rok mladší Tides, kde se breakbeaty potkávají s náladovými ambientními pasážemi a field recordings. Ve své době byl srovnávaný třeba s Boards of Canada nebo Autechre. V roce 2004 opustil hudební svět, aby se do něj vrátil znovu v roce 2013. Od té doby se soustředí na sound design a vydává skoro výhradně ambientní desky. Na nich často spolupracuje se zpřátelenými hudebníky, jako jsou Taylor Deupree, Hior Chronik nebo Porya Hatami.

Vizuální umělec Jan Hladil

Jan Hladil je jeden z nejvýraznějších současných autorů české multimediální scény. Nejčastěji pracuje s laserem a generativní projekcí. Jako člen audiovizuálního labelu Lunchmeat svými živými vizuály doprovázel taková jména jako je DJ Shadow, Diplo, Murcof, Actress atd. Pro Laternu Magiku na Nové scéně Národního divadla spoluvytvářel vizuální obsah pro inscenace CUBE a ROBOT RADIUS. Nelze také opomenout jeho instalace Resonator a Quadd na Signal Festivalu. Více na


The story behind this album mainly was connected with my contact to visionary ukrainian engineer VLAD KREIMER, who builds synthesizers a very innovative and advanced way.

I bought SOMA LABORATORIES‘ COSMOS, a "Drifting memory station“ around christmas time and was so blessed by this long awaited "effect-tool“, that I decided to contact its Inventor VLAD KREIMER.

Interestingly, he has known my music for over 30 years and we immediately understood each other and now work together in different ways and forms.

It is still too early to say and reveal everything, but we support each other in our efforts to bring music and medicine (healing) together in the broadest sense.

Instruments: LYRA-8, a THEREMIN, some KONTAKT samples running in the background and Cosmos - SOMA LABORATORY.

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Mathias Grassow.

Mastered by Cyclical Dreams

"Aus der Tiefe der Weltenseele" (4 CD's) : OM C. Parkin (text) with Mathias Grassow (music)

Wisdom texts read by OM C. Parkin with exclusive music by Mathias Grassow.

Link and description in detail :

ships out within 2 days

(2023) Negra  

NEGRA is a totally live-improvisation from different private home-concerts between 14th and 26th of january by using SOMA LABORATORIES COSMOS "Drifting memory station" in combination with SOMA LYRA-8, CLAVIA NORD STAGE 88Ex, THEREMIN, ROLAND equipment and some more tools.....

Deep throat singing by the artist.

This album is dedicated to a free coexistence of man and machine. The visionary SOMA devices are a step in the right direction, without degrading people and without wanting to replace them. They are interacting friends....

Cover-Art and layout by Cornelia Kern, many thanks.....
"Peace of mind" is an outcry for peace in the world !

Mathias Grassow is one the leading figures of the "sacred" space music.