Usually live events are quite busy and excited spaces, even within our genre. Usually it is during the performances themselves that people become quiet and inspired by the music begin their very individual journey towards their very personal within. The performance Mathias Grassow and Carsten Aghte at [url=]Gut Saunstorf[/url] retreat on August 4 2012 was quite different. It marked the end of a annual [i]Silent Love Retreat[/i] offered by the former monastory, which is now led as a spiritual center for philosophical traditions open for members of all confessions and religions. During this special retreat participants cease speaking for the entire time, with the exception of two daily meditation meetings.


This is what makes Ambient and Drone events so special: Ideally there is a lot of room for each participant to slow down, become quiet, to experience the music each in their very own way. Even in this regard this particular particular performance at Gut Saunsdorf was extra special. In addition some members of the audience had never encountered this kind of music before.
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